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Panel is an electrical switch panel and jacks are hardware devices, which work like plug points. These panel jacks are calibrated and color coded for easy identification, as per ANSI standards. There are jack panel boxes which accommodate multiple circuits. These jacks have two or three prongs depending upon the type and brand. RTD and thermocouple panel jacks are usually round and standard size with three prongs. Therm-x is a well-known manufacturer of standard panel jacks, and we make it in various configurations. Most of our standard jacks fit all the miniature and standard sized TC connectors.


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Common Beneficial Features of Panel Jacks

There is a variety of panel jacks made by Therm-x, and hence some features and properties vary from each other. However, here are a few common beneficial features you will find in all our jack panels:

  • Our jack panels come with interlocking features and are easy to install.
  • They are mostly made of high-impact, glass-filled nylon with proper numbering and labeling done.
  • They are reusable and compact in size.
  • They do not require any additional mounting hardware and installation tools. Some may come with easy-to-mount spring clips.
  • In case of mounting hardware, we offer it along with the dust caps separately.
  • RTDs and thermocouple panel jacks accept all standard size OTP 3-prong female connectors as well as 3-prong male connectors.
  • Our universal snap-in standard panel jacks are suitable for all the standard size and miniature mail 2-pin TC connectors, which means you can have two thermocouple connectors in one.
  • We offer standard and miniature size panel jacks for single circuit applications, wherein the connector can fit into the existing instrumentation.
  • These are standard sized, round hole, and square-faced panel jacks with calibrations of various types.
  • Most of these are designed to tolerate high temperatures.

Standards and Certifications

All the panel jacks made by Therm-x comply with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) tolerances. Our RTDs are designed and built according to the DIN UN 60751 specifications. We comply with these standards and have the following certifications:

  • UL® - Underwriter’s Laboratories* (UL 508A)
  • AS9100
  • ISO 9001:2015

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