Data Loggers & Recorders

There are several work environments that demand continuous and reliable data recording of temperature. The food, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, solar, and agriculture are a few amongst those industries that find the continuous temperature recording immensely beneficial. How would such industries monitor and record temperature values over a period in time for varied applications? At Therm-x we offer several models of data logger and recorder that serve the purpose accurately. This portable measurement instrument allows the user to retrieve, view and evaluate the digital data, adding to their user convenience.

Beneficial Features of Data Loggers and Recorders

Temperature data loggers, which are primarily designed for temperature and humidity monitoring, are available from simple direct connect USB loggers to wireless loggers. Also, they are designed with durable components to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including saltwater, refrigeration, strong winds, and constant sunlight. The other features of temperature data recorder and logger we offer at Term-x include:

  • The data collected using a temperature data logger can be easily transferred to a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and the information can be downloaded in different formats such as a PDF report, a raw data file, or a graph.
  • Our range of the simplest stand-alone data loggers can be deployed indoors, outdoors, and underwater to gather the information you need.
  • These compact battery-powered devices have LCD displays that provide excellent viewing experience.
  • They are extremely easy to use with a simple mechanism to start, stop, or resume with the push of a button.
  • They can be easily operated and require no technical assistance.
  • Using an electronic data logger is effective, accurate, reliable, and cost-effective.
  • Our data loggers are compatible with different thermocouple types such as J or K, R, S, B, and C, T, E, and N.
  • They can be used to measure thermocouples, current, voltage, strain gages, thermistors, pulses, and frequencies.
  • These data measurement devices feature rugged construction, and are provided in hard carrying cases to avoid damages.
  • Our iServer MicroServer enables users to view humidity, dew point, and temperature on a web server. Also, it requires no special software for viewing.
  • Owing to the above-discussed advantages, our data loggers and data recorders find applications in various industries including food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical, greenhouses, warehousing, laboratories, and so on.

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