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Data is one of the important differentiating factors across industries. Decision makers in an organization utilize various types of devices to compile data and analyze them for making informed decisions. Data loggers are one of the important devices used for data storage. These electronic devices work in coordination with sensors. They autonomously record the data from the sensor and store them for a certain period. These devices are used in various industries mainly for recording and monitoring temperature values. The data recorded by the device is viewed using a software, and can be downloaded in different formats such as a PDF report, a raw data file, or a graph. Therm-x makes available an appreciable range of temperature data loggers from various industry-leading brands.


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Common Features of Data Loggers Provided by Therm-x

All temperature data loggers possess resistive touchscreen displays, which make them user friendly. In addition to this, the following features make these data loggers popular among our industrial clients:

  • Our data loggers are provided in multichannel designs with 8 or 16 channel inputs.
  • They are designed to measure voltages, RTDs, current, thermistors, thermocouples, pulse, and frequency.
  • Some multichannel data loggers are provided in both wall mount and bench top enclosure designs.
  • Most data loggers can be battery powered and are provided with a lithium-ion battery or an AC adaptor.
  • Touchscreen display screens allow users to select menus and make configurations easily.
  • The digital display provides information such as date and time, battery charge percentage, temperature, and so on.
  • They are provided with a USB device and USB host, and have a large internal storage memory.
  • Our touchscreen data loggers work perfectly in operating environments from 0°C to 50°C.

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