In various process industries, variables are regularly measured to achieve the desired results. The measurement is conducted using devices like digital panel indicators. These devices perform digital conversion of variables such as currents, voltages, pulse signals, and analog signals. At Therm-x, we provide a broad array of digital panel indicators, including digital panel meters and digital thermometers. These devices not only perform simple data conversions but also compare set values and perform higher functions.


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Common Beneficial Features of Digital Panel Indicators by Therm-x

The digital panel indicators provided by us can process pulse signals and analog signals into easily interpretable data. Therm-X’s digital panel indicators offer brilliant visibility on the field, and they offer several benefits to users. Here are a few benefits of using these devices:

  • Benchtop digital panel thermometers and digital panel meters are compatible with various universal inputs. They can be used with RTDs, thermocouples, strain on single-channel models, analog current, and process voltage.
  • These devices assure high accuracy of ±0.5°C (±0.9°F).
  • They can receive inputs from transmitters and sensors.
  • Featuring rugged construction, the devices are waterproof and suited for various industrial environments.
  • All our digital panel indicators are equipped with totally programmable input displays.
  • Platinum series digital panel meters are configured with AMBER, GREEN, and RED colors for set points, process variables, and temperature units.
  • These digital panel meters are provided with optional alarm relays and flexible alarm programming.
  • They are versatile, easy and intuitive to use, and simple to configure.
  • All digital panel indicators conform to international standards and are UL and cUL certified.

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