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Thermocouple connectors are the intermediate devices that are used to connect and extend two thermocouple wires. There are different types of thermocouple connectors which are labeled as B, C, E, J, K, etc. Thermocouple connectors are connected to thermocouple terminals to transmit temperature recording. There are two types of thermocouple connectors: wired thermocouple connectors and wireless thermocouple connectors. Therm-x is a reputed supplier of UWTC series wireless thermocouple connectors. These connectors can transmit the readings taken for thermocouple temperature, signal strength, battery status, and ambient temperature in real-time


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Beneficial Features of UWTC Series Connectors

The following features of UWTC series connectors make them popular.

  • All the devices from wireless UWTC series of thermocouple connectors are compatible with RTD FCC.
  • All the devices in this UWTC series are compatible with J, K, T, E, and many more types of input signals or RTD signals.
  • They are operated by using free software called TC central software, which can easily convert the operator PC into a multichannel data logger, real-time monitor, or chart recorder.
  • These UWTC series connectors are already linearized and offer built-in cold junction compensation
  • A single receiver can work with over 48 wireless connectors, which makes it an efficient investment in thermal systems
  • The advanced design on UWTC series connectors makes them compatible with miniature and standard probes.
  • It has low power or power saver mode and sleeps mode to save battery.

Our wireless UWTC series connectors are used in multiple applications across the following industries.

  • Automobile
  • Mining
  • Automation

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