Watlow Metric FIREROD Cartridge Heater 220mm, 6.5 Dia.

The Metric FIREROD not only sets the industry standard for cartridge heaters, but continues to make improvements in construction and design. Among those improvements is the FIREROD metric cartridge heater, a variation of the FIREROD cartridge heater built to meet the exact specifications of the global market. Like its counterpart, the metric FIREROD consistently outperforms other cartridge heaters with its design solutions such as its exclusive resistance wire winding and swaging process. These processes bring the resistance wire closer to the sheath and compacts the MgO insulation to maximize heat transfer. The end result is longer service life and better efficiency.

Specifications for this model:
Length (mm): 220
Diameter (mm): 6.5
Price: 72.1



Watlow Metric FIREROD Cartridge Heater 220mm, 6.5 Dia. is available to buy in increments of 1

FIREROD® Cartridge Heaters

The Watlow® FIREROD® cartridge heater incorporates engineering excellence and is supported by almost 60 years of solid industry performance across a broad
range of simple and complex applications. As the premier choice in swaged cartridge heating, thousands of industrial manufacturers continue to choose Watlow as
their trusted thermal partner and certified cartridge heater supplier. Built using premium materials and tight manufacturing controls, the FIREROD heater provides superior heat transfer, uniform temperatures, resistance to oxidation and corrosion and a long life even at high temperatures. Every system component that leaves our manufacturing facilities meets our strict quality assurance specifications, in addition to those set forth by leading standards and regulating industries.
To meet our customer’s individual needs, there are many delivery options available for FIREROD heaters.

Performance Capabilities

• Part temperatures up to 1400°F (760°C) on alloy 800 sheath
• Watt densities up to 400 W/in2 (62 W/cm2)
• Maximum voltage up to 480V

Features and Benefits

Nickel-chromium resistance wire
• Ensures even and efficient distribution of heat to the sheath
Conductor pins
• Provide a metallurgical bond to the resistance wire
• Ensure a trouble-free electrical connection

Typical Applications

• Semiconductor chamber heating
• Semiconductor wire and die bonding
• Freeze protection and deicing of equipment in cold climates or applications
• Humidity control
• Patient comfort heating used in medical devices
• Mold die and platen heating
• Seal bars used in packaging equipment
• Test sample heating in gas chromatography equipment

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