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Mineral insulated cables
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Therm-x is an industry-leading manufacturer of mineral insulated cable (MI Cable) for temperature sensors. These cables are used for thermocouple sensors— Types J, K, N, T, B, R, S, C— as well as RTDs. This is the standard product of Therm-x in the mineral insulated (MI) heaters, which can be easily configured to meet your application requirements. In short, Therm-x MI heaters can be availed in custom designs, a variety of sheath materials and alloys as well as different signal wire configurations.

Therm-x MI cables are designed for abusive working conditions where other thermocouple cables fail to perform. Their robust construction coupled with flexible sheath material combinations has helped improve their performance in conditions where they may be exposed to corrosive elements.

General Specifications (2 wire)

Cable ø

Min Wire ø

Max Wire ø

Max Length







250 ft (76.2 m)

up to
30 W/in²

6 to 240V

Inconel 600
Incoloy 800
316 SS




115 ft (35.5 m)




120 ft (36.5 m)




100 ft (30.5 m)

Beneficial Features of Therm-x Mineral Insulated Cables

Our Therm-x mineral insulated (MI) cables feature annealed and cleaned tubing, MgO insulation material, and thermocouple wire. The insulation material meets high purity standards of 99.4% minimum. The thermocouple wire is manufactured as per ASTM E-585 standards and meets ASTM E-230 special limits of error. In addition to this construction, the following features make them popular among other mineral insulated cables in the market.

  • The cables offer exceptional flexibility of sheathed metal elements.
  • These cables are lightweight and support energy-saving heaters for specific heat requirements.
  • Heaters can be embedded or cast-in inside these cables. These cables support heaters between .025 - .430ʺ diameter.
  • The cables can be bent to twice that of the diameter of the sheath without integrity loss. Also, sharp bends help improve its conformance to irregular surfaces.
  • Therm-x MI cables can withstand low to high watt densities as per the requirement. It can achieve close tolerances on wattage.
  • They can be easily brazed or welded to other metals using proper techniques.
  • These cables can withstand temperatures up to the melting point of metals.
  • They can be availed in any length and close diameter tolerances, as per the requirement.
  • They can be used as strip heaters or cartridge heaters and can withstand temperatures above 1800°F.

Applications of Therm-x Mineral Insulated Cables

The Therm-x mineral insulated cables are regularly utilized by the following applications

  • Heat tracing pipes, fittings, valves, vessels and instruments
  • Heating instrumentation for gas analysis
  • All types of plastic fabrication equipment
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Hot stamping – embossing
  • Drying – food processing
  • Hot knives
  • Medical & dental equipment
  • Die and mold heating
  • Band heaters
  • Shoe fabrication
  • Heaters combined with thermocouples RTDs or thermistors
  • Printing & copy machinery
  • Liquid heating
  • Duct heating
  • Heat guns
  • Air heaters
  • Resistance coils

Types of Electric Heaters Supported by Therm-x MI Cables

Therm-x MI cables can support the following types of electric heaters

  • Band and Nozzle Heaters
  • Cable and Coil Heaters
  • Cartridge Heaters
  • Cast-in Heaters
  • Ceramic Fiber Heaters
  • Circulation and Process Heaters
  • Drum Heaters
  • Enclosures Heaters
  • Flexible Heaters
  • Infrared Heaters
  • Multicell Heaters
  • Polymer Heaters
  • Radiant Heaters
  • Shroud Systems
  • Strip Heaters
  • Tank Heaters
  • Thick Film Heaters
  • Tubular and Process Heaters

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