A transmitter or a radio transmitter produces radio waves that help in sending and receiving data through an antenna. Thermocouple transmitters are used in temperature monitoring and other measurement applications across industries. Therm-X is a well-known manufacturer of a variety of 2-wire temperature transmitters. These high-performance intelligent transmitters come with error correction and sensor diagnostics for accurate output.


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Common Beneficial Features of Thermocouple and RTD Transmitters

Therm-x makes various types of temperature transmitters, all of which have distinct, unique features. Here are some common beneficial features of our transmitters:

  • Our IPAQ transmitters achieve maximum isolation.
  • Our 2-wire In-head transmitters offer a 40-point linearization which can be compatible with any sensor such as RTD, thermistor, or thermocouple.
  • These are universal and have an easy-to-use Windows configuration software.
  • These transmitters are NAMUR compliant.
  • They transmit or receive data at high speeds of up to 300ms. So, they have a short response time.
  • They are stable, offer accurate output, and come with an extended functionality feature.
  • These transmitters have a simplified loop check-up system with calibration output.
  • The output can be tested without breaking the loop.
  • They can be configured without external power.
  • The mounting pattern is of various types such as head- or rail-mounted transmitters.
  • Most of them are digital transmitters with one measuring channel.
  • Typically, they offer an accuracy around 0.05–0.1% of span.
  • For most thermocouple transmitters, the input thermocouple may be multiple types such as B, C, E, J, K, L, N, S, T, U, and more.

Application Areas of Transmitters

Transmitters are used in several temperature and other measurement applications in industries where maintaining and monitoring a certain temperature range is crucial. These are some of the application areas of transmitters:

  • Process industries such as food & beverages
  • HVAC systems
  • OEM units
  • Cryogenics
  • Heating equipment and thermal systems

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