Temperature measurement and management is an important requisite in several industries. This is achieved using various types of sensors. These sensors are broadly classified as contact and non-contact based on their sensing methods. Contact sensors establish physical contact with an object or substance. Non-contact sensors do not touch the substance, rather they read the temperature by detecting the intensity of infrared energy emitted by the substance. These sensors can be used with liquids, solids, and gases. At Therm-x, we provide one of the comprehensive selection of contact sensors including RTD sensor probes, thermistors, as well as thermocouple sensors. These sensors are provided in different specifications to meet your application requirements.

Types of Sensors Provided by Therm-x

At Therm-x, we specialize in sensors and sensing equipment for industrial applications. Our customers can choose from the following types of sensors for their application requirements

  • RTD Sensor Probes: These probes are designed to produce varying values of resistance. RTD sensor probes are proven to produce positive coefficient with temperature increase. The resistance of RTD sensor probes increase with increase in temperature. We provide RTD sensor probes that can withstand extremely high temperatures.
  • Thermistors: These are thermally sensitive transistors, which produce negative coefficient along with the temperature increase. The resistance will decrease with increase in temperature. The thermistors feature pinhead-sized heads that enable quicker point sensing than other types of sensors.
  • Thermocouples: Featuring two wire legs made of different metals, these devices are used for temperature measurement in different industrial setups. Therm-X provides a wide range of base metal, mineral insulated metal sheathed, surface temperature, and high temperature thermocouples.

Common Beneficial Features of Sensors

Therm-x possesses a vast experience in designing and manufacturing sensors to meet your temperature sensing needs. Additionally, we also make available sensors from industry-leading brands. The following beneficial features of our sensors make them an ideal choice for your industrial applications:

  • Our RTD probes feature platinum threads, and they assure a stable performance across wide range of temperatures.
  • All our platinum sensors confirm stability and repeatability, and they use ordinary copper threads for extension.
  • Thermocouples are designed for high temperature applications.
  • They feature rugged construction because of which they can withstand high temperature conditions.
  • Available in compact sizes, these thermocouples provide immediate response to minute temperature changes.
  • Thermistors available at Therm-x possess high base resistance, which produces a large signal change in comparison to RTDs with resistance wires.
  • Many thermistors are available in tight tolerances, which make them an ideal choice for limited temperature changes.

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