Power Switching Devices

Power switching devices are electronic devices comprising several active switchable power semiconductor drivers combined into one unit. Their power dissipation rate is amazingly low, and they are rated based on the current and voltage. Therm-X is a well-known manufacturer of various types of power switching devices including DIN-A-MITE power controllers and solid state relays. DIN-A-MITE is a patented technology developed by Watlow and we use it to make power controllers of various types. They are a cost-effective solid state options for controlling the electrically-generated heat. We also make solid state relays, which are electronic switches used to control electric load without any movement. We make these devices available in various configurations and types to suit the exact requirements of your applications.


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Common Beneficial Features of Power Switching Devices

While we make various types of power switching devices and controllers, they have some common beneficial features. Here are some of them:

  • Our solid state relays and DIN-A-MITE power controllers are cost effective options to control electric load and help increase the heater life.
  • They are available in a huge voltage range from 54 to 530 VAC.
  • The DIN-A-MITE power controllers help minimize damages in case of a short circuit.
  • They come with touch-safe terminals which increase the safety quotient of the workers as well as installers.
  • They are free of mercury and hence are environmentally friendly.
  • These power controllers have a rugged yet compact design, which saves the panel space and makes the installation process easy.
  • Our solid state relays help control temperature because of the special fast cycle input card which facilitates their operation from a standard 4-20mA instrumentation command signal.
  • Their rugged back-to-back silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) design allows them to operate in harsh environments including the electric setups in heavy engineering industries.
  • The zero cross firing in our solid state relays help reduce electrical noise.
  • Our SSRs facilitate a trouble-free operation as they come with a thermal foil and Bellville washers.
  • We offer matched semiconductor fuses and heat sinks as part of the power switching package.

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