Cable Heaters

Coil & cable heaters are compact-sized, small diameter heaters, which are used to optimize the thermal profile of a part. These heaters are made of oxidation- and corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel to ensure optimum performance. Made of coil wire, these heaters can be formed into different geometries such as flat and spiral, square, and rectangular, and so on. Therm-x provides coil and cable heaters from several industry-leading brands. All our coil wire heaters assure fast response times and precise temperature control.


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Common Beneficial Features of Cable Heaters

Our coil and cable heaters are widely used in applications where heat tracing becomes a necessity. The following features of these coil wire heaters have made them an industry standard:

  • The heaters assure trouble-free performance and are suited for applications involving flat, cylindrical, or irregular-shaped surfaces.
  • Their rugged and reliable construction makes them an ideal choice for various challenging high- and low-temperature applications across industries. This is why our coil and cable heaters find applications in cryogenics, liquid and gaseous immersion heaters, and high vacuum environment.
  • Our coil wire heaters feature a built-in thermocouple, which when combined with low mass construction enable a quick response in cooling and heating.
  • The built-in thermocouple also helps avoid the requirement for separate thermocouples, which may increase the challenges of users.
  • These heaters are made of 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, or Inconel, which offer high corrosion resistance, along with ideal expansion properties.
  • All our heaters allow good heat conduction and assure the fastest startup times than other products in the market.

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