Accessories & Replacements

Accessories & Replacements

A thermocouple is a device used to measure temperature changes by connecting to various types of sensors. Thermocouple welders are tools used to join two junctions to create uniform bead junctions that increase the strength of the thermocouple. These thermocouple welders come with certain accessories such as a holder, hose, regulator, and so on. These welder accessories could be either the standard or replacement ones. Therm-X is a well-known manufacturer of thermocouple welders and related accessories. We offer them in different configurations to meet your application requirements


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Common Accessories and Replacements Therm-x Offers and Their Benefits

We provide electrodes, holders, and so on either as accessories or replacements. These are individual tools and have independent uses and benefits. However, here we have listed some common beneficial features of our welder accessories:

  • Our welding electrode holder is durable and rust proof.
  • They are low on maintenance and offer the best dimensional accuracy.
  • All these accessories facilitate proper and safe handling of parts when being welded.
  • We are experts at customization and offer the best prices on bulk orders.
  • The hose we offer is used as argon hose in TIG welders, wherein the gas enters the weld cavity and flows continually.
  • We offer regulators for TIG welding.
  • Pressure regulators are connected to the argon bottle, which is connected to the welder valve through a hose.
  • These regulators come with a fuse. The regulator is used to control and maintain the required pressure in the welder.
  • Tungsten electrode is a crucial part of the TIG welding process. The welder has a knob or a screw which holds the electrode tightly in its place.

Application Areas of Thermocouple Welding

Thermocouple welding finds applications in almost all industries where temperature sensing is a key requirement. Our thermocouple welders along with their accessories are used in the following industries:

  • Petrochemical
  • Ovens, furnaces, and kilns
  • Polymer
  • Chemical
  • Alternative energy
  • Food & beverages

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