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Therm-x specializes in thermal products and related integrated solutions which are applicable in several industries. You can buy various temperature and heat measuring instruments such as thermocouples, thermistors, controllers, and so on. We also offer integrated solutions for temperature measurement and control and sensor applications. You can buy these products online as they are absolutely, customizable, and of high quality. Do go through our shipping and delivery policy and processes before you buy our products. While we totally assure you about the quality of our products and on-time deliveries, we are also aware and careful about the confidentiality of your personal data you share with us. Our payment gateways are absolutely secure and your data is kept confidential.

Secure Payment Policy

We respect your privacy and the value of hard earned money. Therm-x uses the secure sockets layer (SSL) for transactions. This encryption is used for data entry and collection. Additionally, you can go through these aspects about our secure payment policy and be rest assured:

  • Please be assured that we do not sell, leak, or rent any details of the data you share with us to any person, organization, or a third party website under any circumstances.
  • We do not store any credit card or debit card information permanently on our website. We are utilizing the third-party payment processors, which assure safe and secure payment processing.
  • We suggest users to opt for secure web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox version 2 onwards, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 onwards, Netscape Navigator version 6 onwards, or Safari Version 3 onwards. The older versions of any of these web browsers may not be secure enough.
  • We recommend blocking certain popups for efficient functioning and speed of the online store.
  • We do have cookies which are basically passive information gatherers. You can disable them if you want. However, they help us identify customer requirement and pattern.
  • A cookie is just a small text file with a unique id. It will be downloaded from our website to your computer hard drive. It will not intervene with or remember any other information stored in your computer.
  • We do save your personal details such as name, email id, and contact numbers. Please not that this information is saved for correspondence purposes only and will be accessed by any unauthorized individuals.
  • We may use your information to contact you through phone or email as part of customer service initiatives, to inform you about our new products and systems, maintenance schedules, and in case we have any event or exhibition scheduled.
  • If you are a subscribed customer with us, your credit card or debit card information is absolutely safe with us.
  • We do not allow popup ads on our website which redirect a user to some third party website without their consent. Our website does not have any deceptive links.
  • Once a product is sold, it is considered as final sale and cannot be cancelled. Warranties vary depending upon the product. Unless the product is damaged during manufacturing and there is evidence for the same, it cannot be returned. Do refer to our shipping and delivery policy for details.
  • We may share customer information with the third parties in any of the following situations: to comply with legal requirement or court order; to complete or review payments of accounts due to a specific problem; to review situations, where a payment by third-party is involved.

Therm-x has always strived to exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and understands their specific needs. Our extremely talented and efficient team helps in business growth through customization and innovation. Our investment in the right resources, research, technologies, has paid rich dividends not just to us but to our customers as well. In case of any queries you have about our products, our technical team is there for your assistance. For any queries about our secure payment and data privacy policies, you can get in touch with us through phone or email.

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1837 Whipple Road
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Phone: (510) 441-7566
Fax: (510) 441-2414
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