Spring Loaded Thermocouple

Spring Loaded Thermocouple

Spring loaded thermocouples feature spring loaded sensor probes made using a metal or alloy sheath. These are one of the important variants of mineral insulated thermocouples, and they use a spring that helps create positive contact between the process and the tip. This positive contact will help accelerate the response time of the sensor and provides a more accurate reading of temperature. Thus, it is widely used in applications that demand accurate temperature measurement. Therm-x offers spring loaded thermocouples that are designed for use with thermowells. They are also ideal for applications that require spring action.

Beneficial Features of Spring Loaded Thermocouples

Spring loaded thermocouples designed by Therm-x are used in various industries, and also they work perfectly in applications operating in gas or vacuum. The following features of these thermocouples make them a perfect choice over other thermocouple types.

  • The spring loaded tip coupled with threaded bushing leads to an intimate contact and repeatability when used with thermowells.
  • Our spring loaded thermocouples provide a choice of two styles of protection heads, which helps meet various size and environmental requirements.
  • These mineral insulated thermocouple sensors feature high integrity construction, which makes them an ideal choice across a wide temperature range.
  • The pressure on the head of these spring loaded assemblies is equal to the pressure around the probe, which helps ensure a proper pressure balance on both sides.


We can custom design these MI thermocouples to your application requirement. They are terminated with a spring loaded terminal block that enables quick mounting on any terminal head. The following are features of our customization services.

  • Spring loaded thermocouples are equipped with threaded spring loaded bushings that deliver brilliant performance in all applications.
  • They are available in J, K, and T calibrations, with 316 SS or Inconel 600 sheathing, in two different sheath diameters - .125ʺ and .062ʺ. On your request, we can also provide them in types other than J, K, and T.
  • The type K thermocouple wire can be provided with special limits of error on request.
  • The extension wire opening and the thread of the spring loaded probe both are 1/2" NPT.
  • These thermocouples can be provided in ungrounded, grounded, and exposed thermocouple junctions’ standard.
  • These spring loaded thermocouples can be availed in non-sealed designs, which work perfectly for thermowells.
  • We also provide these thermocouples with the following:
    • Helium leak tested
    • Bendable
    • Optional calibration
    • Passivated
    • Electro polished
    • Clean room packaged

Applications of Spring Loaded Thermocouples

Our spring loaded thermocouples find regular applications in the following industries:

  • Oil and gas industries
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Power and utilities
  • Pulp and paper
  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Laboratory and research
  • Medical devices
  • Nuclear reactors

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