Therm-x Thermesthesiometer Kit w/o Calibration

Thermesthesiometers are burn injury measurement instruments designed to simulate temperature response of a human finger. Therm-x Thermesthesiometer Probe is built in accordance to NBS TN-816, "Engineering and Construction Manual for an Instrument to Make Burn Hazard Measurement in Consumer Products" (Marzett a 1974).  A fine wire thermocouple for contact temperature measurement is precisely placed on the probe to simulate human touch.  Probe body temperature is controlled with a temperature controller.  Temperature controller maintains human body temperature using a secondary thermocouple.


  • Compact Size with Mobility and Flexibility
  • Control and Heater Fuses
  • Serial/Ethernet Communications Available
  • Integrated EMO


XTMX3125 Thermesthesiometer Kit Includes

  1. Detachable Probe with Protection Cap P/N XTMS3125
  2. Temperature Controller P/N XTMI3117
  3. Temperature Controller Cord
  4. Thermocouple Extension Cable for Data Logger
  5. Carrying Case


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10 Business Days from Date of Approved Order

Therm-x Thermesthesiometer Kit w/o Calibration is available to buy in increments of 1

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Thermesthesiometers are burn injury measurement instruments designed to simulate the temperature response of a human finger. 

Key Points

  • Surface temperature measurement is not sufficient in evaluating burn inury hazard. Burn injury caused by transfer of heat from material to human tissue is dependant on:
    1. Material Temperature
    2. Thermal Conductivity
    3. Specific Heat Capacity
    4. Density
  • Thermesthesiometers are constructed with an encapsulated material that has similar thermal properties as human skin and tissue.  The internal body of the probe is heated and temperature-controlled to simulate human body temperature.  Contact temperature is measured using a thermocouple that is precisely positioned below the surface of the probe.
  • Thermesthesiometer outputs transient response of contact temperature when probe is in contact with a hot surface.


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