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Alternative energy sources are primarily renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind, which serve as an alternative for fossil fuels. There has been an increasing demand for such energy sources across industries, as they help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are a healthier option for our environment. Today, various types of renewable thermal technologies (RTTs) are used across the world to provide heating and cooling services in commercial and industrial domains. Thermal profiles and temperature levels of these technologies define their suitability for meeting heat requirements in various sectors.

Therm-x is a specialist in thermal systems, temperature sensors, heaters, thermocouples, controllers and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) for renewable technologies. We have designed and co-developed temperature sensitive process equipment for solar, fuel cells, and other bio-fuels. We understand the complexities and the costs involved in this segment, and hence offer innovative and customized solutions to shape this relatively new sector and help address these challenges in the alternative energy.


Our thermal heating and temperature control solutions are widely used for the following applications areas in the alternative energy sector:

  • In solar power applications, even distribution of heat is crucial for efficient electricity generation. Our heating systems just enable this process.
  • Storage of solar energy is an important task both at the grid and distribution levels. Controllers are used in solar batteries to prevent overcharging. These batteries are rechargeable and can store electricity needed for days when there is no sun.
  • Our temperature sensors and thermocouples work as temperature sensing devices in solar panels.
  • In solar cell manufacturing, the wafer should have tight thermal tolerances. Solar cell thermocouples measure the thermal profile of the wafer, and it also holds the wafer.
  • Grid-connected wind turbines and solar panels are analyzed with the help of RTDs.

Types of Thermal Heating and Temperature Control Solutions Offered by Therm-x

We, at Therm-x, offer a number of products that contribute to the alternative energy sector. All our products are UL and cUL certified. Here are a few of them:
  • Process Control Systems:
    Our experience in engineering and design services has enabled us to make integrated process control systems with data tracking and logging capabilities. They come with precise temperature control and monitoring devices.
  • Heaters
    We offer various types of heaters such as air heaters, cartridge heaters, tape heaters, silicone rubber heaters, and cable heaters. Our Convectronics Flameless Electric Air Heaters are designed to heat flowing air up to 1500 degree Fahrenheit. They are fast, accurate, and efficient.
  • Thermocouple
    Our thermocouples are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments. This makes them suitable for your temperature sensing requirements.
  • RTDs
    Our RTDs are one of the best for your heating applications. They do not heat up, and thus, the common issue of self-heating is eliminated here.
  • Controllers
    Our temperature and process controllers are highly accurate, easy to use, and versatile devices. They have strain and bridge inputs, usually a 6-digit display, and offer up to about six programmable outputs. These controllers have a full auto tune PID with a fuzzy logic adaptive control.


The market for alternative energy sources is growing. We have helped several clients build unique and innovative alternative energy solutions utilizing the following capabilities:

  • Electromechanical Assemblies: Accurate temperature measurement has a key role to play in the functioning of several alternative energy solutions. We help our clients get it right by providing them electrical and mechanical assemblies. Also, our experts provide unconditional technical support.
  • Design and Testing: We utilize various advanced modeling tools such as Autodesk CFD Simulation and SolidWorks to support our clients effectively. Our expertise has enabled us to design benchmark industry products such as sensors, heaters, and process control applications.
  • Machining: We have been providing machining services to our clients in alternative energy and other industries for several years now. Our well-equipped facility features several CNC machines, which enable us to produce error-free and performance-driven products.

Therm-x always tries to exceed customer expectations and hence, is very particular about quality, innovation and customization to suit clients’ requirements. For this, we invest significantly in research, technologies, and the right resources.

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