Thermal energy management is a crucial factor in automobiles. It comprises controlling the temperature of engine components based on their operating temperature and fuel consumption in a bid to reduce emissions. Integrated thermal systems are used in chassis suspension systems and HVAC systems in vehicles. The Thermoplastics used in engines are constantly exposed to heat and pressure, and hence temperature control is necessary. This challenge is partly due to lightweight cooling systems. Thermocouples, Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs), and Temperature Sensors are integrated with automotive systems for thermal profiling and alike functions. Therm-x is a well-known manufacturer of thermal systems, Temperature Sensors, RTDs, and Integrated Systems among others, for the automotive industry. We understand the complexities and investments involved in this area, and hence offer customized thermal management solutions for temperature control in automobiles, and contribute our bit in reducing global warming due to emissions.


Our thermal heating and temperature control solutions find several applications in the automotive sector:

  • Our Thermistors and RTDs find applications in audio amplifiers, coolant sensing, emission and temperature control, engine oil and block temperature sensing, external temperature, water level sensing, and so on.
  • Air conditioning systems in vehicles is also a crucial area where temperature control is required.
  • Our thermal systems find applications in fuel-based as well as electric vehicles.
  • Thermal systems integrated in electrical vehicles help utilize the available heat for long runs, as its combustion engine does not waste any heat.
  • They also help in battery charging in EVs.

Types of Thermal Heating and Temperature Control Solutions Offered by Therm-x

We, at Therm-x, offer a number of products that contribute to the automotive sector. All our products are UL and cUL certified. Here are a few of them:
  • Intergrated systems
    Integrated Temperature Controls:
    We have a huge experience in design engineering services which helps us make integrated process control systems with data tracking and logging capabilities. They have in-built temperature control and monitoring devices that offer accurate output.
  • thermocouples
    Our thermocouples are resistant to a wide temperature range and hence find applications in temperature control systems for automobiles. All our temperature sensors can be used for critical process measurement.
  • RTDs
    Our RTDs are designed in a way that they do not heat up fast. This eliminates the issue of self-heating. We make temperature sensors in various specifications and configurations.
  • Controllers:
    We offer temperature and process controllers that are highly accurate, easy to use, and versatile devices. These controllers have a full auto tune PID with a fuzzy logic adaptive control. They have strain and bridge inputs, usually a 6-digit display, and offer up to about six programmable outputs.

Benefits of Thermal Systems for Automotive Manufacturers

Automotive manufacturers benefit by using our thermal systems or products in their vehicles in various ways:

  • They help reduce fuel consumption and emission which not only contributes to the benefit of the environment but also increases the credibility of the manufacturer.
  • The demand for EVs is expected to rise in the near future, and our thermal systems find a huge application in this segment.
  • They help HVAC systems in cars function efficiently and with minimal noise.
  • All these factors and more help increase the comfort level of the passengers in every way.


Today, automobile manufacturers are keen on optimizing their thermal efficiencies. At Therm-x, we help them achieve better thermal efficiency and temperature control through the following services:

  • Design and Testing: Designing is the first phase of any product development. We support our clients during every phase of product development right from ideation to product designing, development, testing, and implementation. Our in-depth understanding of 3D modelling and thermal imaging helps us design performance-driven thermal management solutions quickly and perfectly. Designing is performed using several advanced tools and we perform life cycle testing and thermal imaging to ensure the product safety and quality.
  • Electromechanical Assemblies: Temperature-related process control and management in vehicles is facilitated by different types of mechanical and electrical assemblies. We support automobile manufacturers by providing them performance-driven electromechanical assemblies.
  • Machining: We have been providing CNC machining services to our clients from the automotive industry for several years now. All products are custom engineered at our well-equipped facility, which comrpises several CNC vertical and horizontal milling centers, robotic laser cutting and welding devices, and so on.

Therm-x has always strived to meet the customers’ exact needs and exceed their expectations in terms of quality. We have an extremely efficient team which fosters innovation and customization. For this, we invest a great deal in research, technologies, and the right resources.

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