Bio-Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Bio-Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Close temperature control is an essential requirement for the production of several drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. Any increase or decrease in the temperature can affect the quality or the formulation of drugs. Thus, achieving a thermal capability has become a priority for manufacturers involved in the research, formulation, testing, and production of drugs. This is where Therm-x can help. We provide advanced temperature control solutions for the bio-pharmaceutical industry and life science applications. These solutions are stringently produced to meet the diverse temperature requirements of your pharmaceutical plants as well as processes, and they assure 100% temperature control at all times. They can also meet the requirements of Clean-in-Place (CIP) applications.


We design temperature control for several applications and processes in the bio-pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. They include the following:

  • Chemical processing equipment
  • Sterilization devices
  • Fermentation tanks, sanitary/CIP, and piping systems
  • Separation tanks
  • Bioprocess control
  • Tissue engineering
  • Microfluidics

Types of Temperature Control Devices Provided by Therm-x

We provide the following types of devices for use in the bio-pharmaceutical and life sciences industries:
  • Microbead Thermocouples:
    Medical devices that directly come in contact with the body have specific temperature and material requirements. This is aptly fulfilled by microbead thermocouples, which are made from medical grade 40-44 AWG thermocouple wire and FDA-approved bonding materials. The hot junctions of these thermocouples are TIG welded, laser welded or soldered with a microscope.
  • Style VT Validation Thermocouples:
    We can provide thermocouple probes for a variety of medical applications including incubators, deep freezers, steam sterilizers, and so on. These thermocouple probes are made from 22 AWG & 28 AWG stranded type "T".
  • Mineral Insulated (MI) Thermocouples:
    Our RTDs are designed in a way that they do not heat up fast. This eliminates the issue of self-heating. We make temperature sensors in various specifications and configurations.
  • Custom Thermocouples:
    Therm-x produces a variety of temperature sensors for pharmaceutical and life sciences applications. You can easily choose from the existing products, customize the product you that suits the best, or work with us to create an altogether new product. We can provide custom thermocouples to meet a variety of application requirements.


Our clients in the biopharmaceutical industry have utilized our service capabilities to build industry-leading products. We believe our success as one of the leading providers of temperature control solutions is all due to the following capabilities:

  • We have had the privilege of designing several complex temperature control applications for our clients in the biopharmaceutical industry, which is highly regulated by stringent standards.
  • Our team assures 100% design support to the client. They are involved in every phase right from the ideation to delivery. Our team of thermal experts possess an in-depth understanding of thermal imaging, which helps ensure all products meet customer requirements. They also have a great understanding of CIP requirements in the said industry.
  • All the machining processes are performed at our well-equipped facility at Hayward, CA by certified machining experts. We have heavily invested in advanced CNC machines to meet the growing machining requirements of our clients across industries.
  • When it comes to the products for the biopharmaceutical industry, we carry out the testing processes and do not outsource this function. So, the life cycle testing of products is performed in-house after the development to ensure the quality of products. Lifecycle testing is performed in a controlled environment to achieve the desired results.

We do not believe in a one-size fits all approach. Our engineering team will work with you to ensure that the products are designed to your exact requirements. We use our technical knowledge and vast industry experience to provide you with the most efficient solution to meet your temperature control challenges. Our commitment to provide you high-quality products has not only earned us several distinguished customers but also referrals.

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