Chemical/Environmental Conditioning

Chemical or Enviormental Conditoning

There are many sectors such as biotechnology, environmental engineering, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and others where maintaining a certain temperature environment is crucial. There are special chambers and integrated systems along with heaters and RTD temperature sensors meant to carry out this function. Therm-X is a specialist in thermal systems, temperature sensors, heaters, thermocouples, controllers and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) for monitoring such environments. We make integrated systems such as Rack Mount Control (RMC) panels. We offer customized solutions to enhance the functioning of this sector and help address certain challenges.


Our thermal heating and temperature control solutions find several applications in the chemical and environmental sector:

  • Data collection for comprehensive analysis
  • Temperature sensing and alarm mechanism in case it exceeds the defined boundaries
  • Temperature control in boiler units and heater chambers
  • Use in facilities management and production process in chemical industries in liquid and gas chambers
  • Automated process control where strict temperature and pressure conditions are required
  • Well-defined operator interface for increased efficiency

Types of Integrated Control Systems and Products Offered by Therm-x

We, at Therm-x, offer a number of integrated systems that contribute to excellent thermal control and data acquisition. All our products are UL and cUL certified. Here are some of our integrated control systems and products:

  • Portable Control Units: These PCUs made by Therm-X allow maximum flexibility to the process engineer in terms of temperature process parameters and management. It is compact and comes with control and heater fuses. It is a self-contained portable unit which can be fitted in small spaces. It offers a variable RTD input and comes with an on/off switch for the control heater.
  • Rack Mount Control Panels: RMC offers maximum flexibility to an equipment engineer in terms of controlling and managing thermal parameters locally. We offer these rack mountable panels in varied standard and non-standard sizes. They come with integrated EMOP and pilot lights. We offer safety features such as branch circuit protection. They are pre-wired, which facilitate fast start up of the system. It is meant for a temperature range from 0 to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Industrial Control Panels: Our ICPs offer maximum flexibility to an industrial service equipment engineer with regards to controlling the process temperature parameters locally. You can talk to our engineer to choose the right standard IPC option, which comprises enclosures complying with NEMA standards. They have features such as dust, moisture, and corrosion resistance. We also offer general purpose enclosures. They have other features similar to rack mountable panels.

Here are some of our products that help with temperature control and measurement:

We, at Therm-X, offer a number of integrated systems that contribute to excellent thermal control and data acquisition. All our products are UL and cUL certified. Here are some of our integrated control systems and products:
  • Heaters
    We offer a variety of accurate, high-speed, and efficient heaters such as cartridge heaters, air heaters, silicone rubber heaters, tape heaters, and cable heaters. Our Convectronics Flameless Electric Air Heaters are designed to heat flowing air up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • thermocouples
    Our thermocouples are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments. This makes them suitable for your temperature sensing requirements.
  • RTDs
    Our RTDs help eliminate the issue of self-heating as they do not heat up on their own.


For chemical and environmental sectors, Therm-x offers the following capabilities:

  • Electromechanical Assemblies: Therm-x has several years of experience and a state-of-the-art facility to make advanced electromechanical components that suit your application requirements. Here, we make the most advanced rack mountable integrated systems, which can be seamlessly connected to your machines.
  • Design and Testing:Design is a very crucial phase of product development and we ensure that we make a flawless design. We test our products and systems at each stage and final testing is done before the product is assembled or shipped out of the facility. Our experience in 3D modeling and thermal systems have enabled us to make models of almost all our components such as thermocouples, heaters, and so on.
  • Furnace Brazing/Metal Joining: Our furnace brazing capabilities enable advanced methods of welding. They are suitable for the most complex designs with several hundreds of joints.

Therm-x has always been focused on quality and our certifications are a testimony to it. We are experts at customizing our systems and products to suit client requirements. For this, we invest significantly in research, technologies, and the right resources. In case you have any queries regarding our products and systems used in chemical and environmental sectors, you can get in touch with us through phone or email.

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