Industrial Control Panels

Industrial Control Panels (ICP)

Therm-x’s Industrial Control Panels (ICP) for electric heaters have been engineered and designed to allow industrial design and field service engineers or operators to have the maximum flexibility to ensure precision thermal control and better data acquisition. The panel design typically includes an enclosure, internal wiring, switches, contactors or SCR/SSR, current transducers, heat sinks, fuses, temperature and electric displays, along with temperature sensing mechanism like thermocouples and RTD.

Depending on applications, ICPs can be designed with different levels of technical sophistication and control capability for a predetermined electric load or power. Various types of control panels are available:
  • Basic control with thermostat and temperature limit controller.
  • Panels with on/off contactor for the control of heaters having large electric load, e.g., >15 A, but processes require less frequent switching.
  • Panels equipped with Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) or Solid-State Relays (SSR) provide fast switching and high precision with infinitely variable proportional control of electric power.

Therm-x ICPs are used in the following applications and industries:
Industrial Control Panel
Industrial Control Panel
Therm-x Industrial Control Panel
Industrial Control Panels (ICP) - Features

  • Pre-wired for fast start-up and connection to host.
  • SSR or SCR power controllers available
  • Integrated EMO
  • Variable T/C and RDT input
  • 120/240/480 Vac single or three-phase options
  • Temperature ranges between 0 and 2400oF (-18 to 1316oC).
  • Fully self-contained unit that can be installed and commissioned easily
  • Branch circuit protections
  • ON/OFF with integrated pilot lights
  • Serial and ethernet communications available
  • Safety with all Therm-x’s engineered standards
  • Enclosures of various dimensions with following NEMA ratings:
    • NEMA 1 General Purpose Enclosure
    • NEMA 4 Moisture Resistant Enclosure
    • NEMA 4x Corrosion Resistant Enclosure
    • NEMA 12 Dust Resistant Enclosure
  • Standards and certifications:
    • UL® - Underwriter’s Laboratories* (UL 508A)
    • NEMA - National Electrical Manufacturers Association
    • FM - Factory Mutual
    • NFPA - National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 79)
    • AS 9100 - Aerospace*

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