PyrAlloy Heater Plate

Uniform heat distribution is difficult to achieve at high temperatures using traditional heaters. As an industry leader in advanced temperature and process control systems for hi-tech industries, we have helped clients overcome heat distribution issues by providing them PyrAlloy heater plates. Manufactured from PyrAlloy, a thermal pyrolytic graphite (TPG), these heater plates are proven to perform at high operating temperatures. These heater plates can control multi-zone heater profiles, which can achieve temperature uniformities less than 4 DEG over a diameter surface of 450mm. Our comprehensive engineering and designing capabilities combined with an understanding of increasing thermal efficiencies enable us provide these high uniformity heater plates at the fastest turnaround times and of the required quality.

Beneficial Features of PyrAlloy Heater Plate Assembly

  • Over the years, we have delivered PyrAlloy heater plate assemblies in various thermal configurations. The following features have made them a fast and suitable replacement over traditional heaters.
PyrAlloy Heater Plate
  • A PyrAlloy heater plate assembly features a composite of a thermal pyrolytic graphic layer, as well as a heating element vacuum, which are brazed into stainless plates to create a heater plate.
  • The composite has a high thermal conductivity, which helps distribute the heat evenly as well as lowers the dielectric temperature on the heater element.
  • This thermal conductivity helps reduce leakage, which is commonly observed in other heaters at high temperatures.
  • The PyrAlloy heater plates assure a temperature uniformity of +/- 0.5% maximum. They can withstand maximum temperatures up to 600oC in stainless steel. They are also made of aluminum.


  • Increasing thermal requirements across industries have been driving our thermal engineers to stretch their limits and deliver their best. The following capabilities have helped us serve our customers better:
  • Design and Testing: We support our clients through all phases of product manufacturing right from conceptualization to delivery. We incorporate the concepts of 3D modeling and thermal imaging to ensure the high quality of these high uniform heater plates. The final testing is done in controlled atmosphere vacuum chambers.
  • Machining: This is the most important aspect of building a high uniformity thermally enhanced heater. We utilize our advanced CNC machining capabilities to get it right.
  • Electromechanical Assemblies:Temperature control and measurement is an integral part of any thermal process. So, we provide electrical and mechanical assemblies that can be easily integrated with heater assemblies to achieve high thermal efficiency.
  • We believe in serving the customer to the utmost level of satisfaction. Our technology investments and passion for thermal science have enabled us to stay true to this commitment. We take pride in thermal engineers, who have been offering unconditional support to our clients.

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