About our Heaters

  • Therm-x specializes in heaters for industrial control and measurement.
  • Our products are customized for semiconductor, solar, medical, aerospace and other industries.
  • We design, manufacture and test heaters that are typically used in tightly controlled processes such as in vacuum process chambers and other mission critical applications.

Brazed Heater Pedestals

Therm-x manufactures brazed heater plates for the semiconductor industry. Use of multiple Mineral insulated heating elements allows for better uniformity and multi-zoning for applications where uniformity can’t be met with traditional single zone tubular heaters.

Vacuum Brazed Heater Pedestals for the Semiconductor industry

  • Single or Multi Zone
  • Embedded Sensors
  • 550°C Operating temperature
  • Sapphire or ceramic lift pins
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ceramic
  • Copper
  • Pyralloy (TPG) option for high uniformity
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Performance test
  • High Isolation Resistance

Mineral Insulated heater cable

Therm-x specializes in Mineral Insulated cable heaters for use in pedestal heaters, heater platens, air heating and other applications where uniformity and control are critical to your application. Use of cable Heaters allows better uniformity and multi-zoning for applications where uniformity can’t be met with traditional heaters.

  • Can be formed to unique configurations.
  • High Temperatures
  • High dielectric
  • Can be brazed into machined parts

Cable heater applications

  • Duct Heaters
  • Gas or Air Heaters
  • Platens and heater plates
  • Plastic Injection Molding

Heater Types

Therm-x incorporates many additional electric heating elements into turnkey solutions to manage your thermal needs utilizing the best heater and sensor for your application.

Tubular Heaters Ideal for fluid or air heating applications

  • Vacuum Flanges
  • Torr tubes
  • Helium Leak Test
  • Electropolish
  • Passivated
  • Clean Room Packaged

Cartridge Heater provide superior heat transfer, uniform temperatures, resistance to oxidation and corrosion and long life even at high temperatures.

Flexible Silicon Rubber and Poliyimide heating elements provide even heat distribution in a very specific area. Etched foil flexible heaters are also used in applications where surface mount heat is required due to physical constraints. Custom shapes, buildups, multiple circuits available

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