All You Need To Know About Microbead Thermocouples

All You Need To Know About Microbead Thermocouples

Microbead thermocouple is a specially designed temperature sensor by Therm-x for complex temperature measurement devices. The medical industry has many application areas for this temperature sensor. This is because such devices are attached or inserted into a human body for certain diagnosis and procedures. These devices can be extremely complex and small. Another important factor is they should be clean and absolutely free of any contamination, and Therm-x complies to this aspect at any cost. The company has its set standards for cleanliness, superior quality of systems, and capacity. This post discusses the details, beneficial features, and application areas of Microbead Thermocouple.

Microbead Thermocouple Described at Length

Microbead thermocouple is typically meant for rapid response temperature measurements. When compared with a fine wire thermocouple in terms of temperature measurement speed and other factors. Some experiments conducted show a stark difference in the stats in terms of temperature fluctuations and vertical velocity fluctuations. With the entire focus on the medical industry, these thermocouples are made of medical-grade and approved materials such as 40-44 AWG standard bifilar polyimide insulated thermocouple wire and medical-grade bonding materials. One end of the thermocouple is the termination end, which is about half inches and not insulated. The other end is welded and soldered for fusion, and is also not insulated. The exposed hot junction due to welding is isolated by using a non-conductor such as Teflon, polyimide, polyester, or nitinol tubing. These are medical-grade overtube materials. The overtube covers the welded joint. The middle portion is covered by a non-conductor insulator such as polyimide. This thermocouple is about 28ʺ long.

Microbead Thermocouples

Beneficial Features of Microbead Thermocouple

Therm-x is capable of handling high-volume requirements at affordable assembly prices. Here are some beneficial features of the Microbead thermocouple:

  • These custom thermocouples come with many value added solutions such as special bead size to suit your requirements.
  • Based on your requirements, you can decide on the color coding of the non-conductor material, bonding materials, specialized overtubes, and connectors.
  • They are safe for use inside human body, and offer fast and accurate output.
  • It is stable and robust in design.
  • The wires are made of nickel-chromium, copper-nickel, or copper, with their profile width ranging between 0.052 and 0.080 inches and profile height ranging between 0.026 and 0.040 inches.
  • The wire junctions are welded either through laser welding, TIG welding, or soldering.

Application Areas of Microbead Thermocouple

    • Catheters
    • Sleep apnea machines
    • Spirometry equipment
    • Laser liposuction equipment

If you have a requirement for microbead thermocouples, you need to send us the following information:

    • Microbead (MB)
    • TC calibration
    • Wire gauge
    • T-C length (inches)
    • Termination end
    • Hot junction
    • If you require drawing

If you are looking for high-quality temperature sensors such as microbead thermocouples which are designed for specialty applications in the medical industry, ensure you source them from us. Therm-x manufactures high-quality temperature sensors, controllers, and offers end-to-end solutions on temperature-related process control.

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