PyrAlloy Heater Assemblies— Why They Are an Advantage for High Temperature Applications?

PyrAlloy Heater Assemblies— Why They Are an Advantage for High Temperature Applications?

Uniform heating is a requirement across industries. This is nowadays achieved using various types of heater plate assemblies. These heater plate assemblies feature machined plates which are made using carefully chosen materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, bronze, and so on. Further, these assemblies are equipped with heaters such as cartridge heater, cable heaters, and so on, which serve as the source of heat. All this sounds good for regular heating temperatures, but achieving uniform heat distribution at higher temperatures is one of the most critical challenges faced by industries across the world. This is because all the above-discussed materials have their own limitations when it comes to uniform heat distribution at higher temperatures. This is where Therm-x PyrAlloy heater plate assemblies can make a difference. This post discusses these heater plate assemblies in detail.

Why PyrAlloy Heater Plate Assemblies Are in Demand

Making the best use of high temperatures has been a challenge for several years. Now, it has changed with PyrAlloy heater plate assemblies.The following features have contributed to their easy acceptance in industries, where uniform thermal distribution at high temperatures were earlier seemed as unachievable.

  • Thermally-Efficient Design:Standard heater assemblies are made of mica or cast style plate heaters. Against this, Therm-x PyrAlloy heater plate assembly is made of a thermally annealed graphite or thermal pyrolytic graphite layer, which is hyper conductive. The graphite layer is vacuum brazed into the stainless steel plate along with a heating element. This highly conductive composite performs uniform heat distribution and helps in lowering the internal dielectric temperature of the heating element. Overall, this design helps minimize leakage of the current at high temperatures and increase the temperature of the heater.

  • Assures Excellent Thermal Uniformity:The PyrAlloy heater plates are proven to achieve a maximum thermal uniformity of +/- 0.5%. These heater plates are proven to control multi-zone heater profiles.

  • Can Efficiently Withstand High Temperatures:Owing to its thermally-efficient design, PyrAlloy heater plate assemblies are proven to withstand temperatures up to 600oC when made with stainless steel. They can also be made of aluminum.

PyrAlloy is a patent pending element, and the best thing about buying from Therm-x is that the company offers end-to-end manufacturing services. This means, everything right from the design to manufacturing is conducted in-house. Advanced concepts of thermal imaging and 3D modeling are employed to ensure precision in designing. CNC machining is performed to ensure the engineering accuracy of these heater plate assemblies. Therm-x can provide these PyrAlloy heater assemblies or heater plates in custom specifications such as different thicknesses, with thicker or thinner sections to meet your application requirements.

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