Thin Film Heaters

Thin Film Heaters

The demand for thin film heating elements have increased over the years, owing to the rise in compact-sized thermal solutions. Polyimide, a polymer of imide monomers, has excellent heat resistance, electrical properties, and tensile strength. It is used in thin film heaters as a core material, primarily because of these properties. It is lightweight, organic, and offers dimensional stability. It is used in heating applications wherein a low amount of outgassing is required in a vacuum. At Therm-X, we provide thin film strip heaters in different configurations. These polyimide heaters are known for their excellent thermal efficiencies.

Beneficial Features of Thin Film Heaters

Polyimide thin film heating elements are durable yet super flexible and bendable. Here are some beneficial features of electric thin film heaters available at Therm-x:

  • Polyimide as a thin film substrate can fit onto any surface irrespective of gaps, curves, bends, and so on.
  • They can be fitted in small spaces or cramped up areas.
  • Polyimide heaters facilitate even distribution of heat across the surface; it can also enable selective heating, in whichever areas required.
  • These thin film heaters can be customized up to a certain temperature range to meet specific application requirements.
  • They heat up the surface within a few seconds after switching on.
  • These heater films have a thickness of around 0.15mm, yet are sturdy and can fit onto any complex surfaces.
  • The transparent polyimide film enables an easy inspection within, without having to break it open.
  • These films inhibit fungal and bacterial growth, and is resistant to radiation and harsh chemicals.
  • Their operating temperature range is around 200 degrees Celsius.
  • Their watt density is 50 watts per inch square.
  • These thin film heaters are cost effective and easy to install; in fact, selective heating only in required areas further reduces the cost.
  • These thin film heaters can be made of various shapes such as pointed, long, circular, and so on.

Applications of Thin Film Heaters

It is because of the flexibility, cost effectiveness, and durability, thin film heaters, especially polyimide heaters find applications across industries in crucial segments. Here are some of them:

  • Cameras and optical sensors for preventing dew and frost condensation in automobiles
  • Front door mirrors in automobiles to enable a clear visibility
  • Heat silicon wafers in the semiconductor industry
  • Highlight glow signs and neon signs in the advertising industry and warm these boards or letters to keep away snow or moisture
  • All sorts of turnkey projects which require thermal solutions

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