Flexible Heaters

Therm-x incorporates many additional electric heating elements into turnkey solutions to manage your thermal needs utilizing the best heater and sensor for your application.

Taking heating to the next level, Therm-x has a new Aluminum Foil Heating option that can be customized to any size and shape.

  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Built to exact requirements
  • Sheath temperatures up to 300°F (149°C)

Therm-x offers customized etched foil heating solutions. Our technical experts will integrate your specified application requirements into designing the ideal etched foil heater to fit your application.

  • Ultra-thin profile
  • High-watt densities
  • Uniform heat distribution

Industrial heating applications require a flexible silicone heater with the ability to resist chemicals, moisture and abusive environments.

  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Easy-to-apply
  • industrial strength
  • Exceptional durability

Polyimide is a thin, lightweight organic polymer film which provides excellent tensile strength, tear resistance and dimensional stability. This heater is ideal for applications requiring low outgassing in a vacuum, or resistance to radiation, fungus and chemicals.

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