Aluminum Foil Heaters

Aluminum Foil Heaters

Aluminum foil heaters are cost-effective and reliable heating solutions, which find crucial applications across industries. They facilitate uniform and concentrated distribution of heat. Therm-x manufactures various types of heaters including foil heaters and also offers integrated thermal solutions for several industrial applications. We also supply electric foil heaters of other reputed brands. Our extremely talented engineering and designing team has a thorough understanding of increasing thermal efficiencies and hence can offer high-quality foil heaters in the shortest possible turnaround times.

Beneficial Features of Aluminum Foil Heaters

There are several benefits our foil heaters offer even with their basic design. Here are some of them:

  • They offer better surface contact than most other heaters.
  • These versatile electric foil heaters can uniformly heat just any shape irrespective of uneven surfaces, cuts, and holes.
  • Their basic design makes them easy to install and use, and helps save on cost without compromising on the quality aspect.
  • All our aluminum foil heaters come with a warranty and all their accessories required are also available with us.
  • These are used in applications requiring temperatures below 350 degrees Celsius.
  • They comprise a laminated fiberglass heating element between the sheets of foil. This foil is coated with a strong, liner-backed, pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  • These electric foil heaters have a long operational life, and are low on maintenance.
  • We can offer even one heater and do not insist on a minimum order requirement.
  • We do not charge for any tooling costs as these heaters are a self-contained one-piece assembly. They do not even require a bracket mounting.
  • These foil heaters find applications in industries such as medical, food and beverages, automotive, lab equipment manufacturing, and so on. They are also used in small and large electrical appliances.


Therm-x makes custom aluminum foil heaters to suit your requirements. The following capabilities enable us deliver the best solutions.

  • Along with pressure sensitive adhesives, the custom options may include built-in thermostats or a metal plate for fastening.
  • We offer them in diverse lengths from 4ʺ to 60ʺ.
  • They are applicable for a wattage of up to 3 watts and have a wattage tolerance of up to +5/-10%.
  • We offer them in a thickness of around 2ʺ.
  • They have the Ingress Protection rating of IP5X.
  • Their power cords are of 16 to 22 gauge in thickness and come with fiberglass sleeving and cut bare wires.

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