Aluminum Foil Heaters

Aluminum Foil Heaters

Aluminum foil heaters are cost-effective and reliable heating solutions, which find crucial applications across industries. They facilitate uniform and concentrated distribution of heat. Therm-x manufactures various types of heaters including foil heaters and also offers integrated thermal solutions for several industrial applications. Our engineering and designing team understands the importance of thermal efficiencies, product quality, and cost containment. Our goal is to deliver high-quality and cost-effective foil heaters with very short lead time to our loyal customers.

BFeatures and Benefits of Aluminum Foil Heaters

Even with the basic design, Therm-x’s foil heaters will deliver many benefits:

  • Robust construction, the foil heater comprises a fiberglass reenforced heating element and laminated between sheets of aluminum foil. The foil is coated with a high-performance adhesive layer which is liner-backed, strong and pressure-sensitive.
  • The aluminum foil heaters can uniformly heat up just any shape because the heaters can tightly conform to uneven surfaces or contours of diversely shaped parts, such as edges, grooves, and holes.
  • Because of very tight surface contact than most other heaters, heat transfer efficiency is increased significantly and result in tremendous reduction energy consumption.
  • Foil heaters are proven to have long operational service life and require little maintenance, which ensures uninterrupted customer operation or production, and is a great cost saving on maintenance, replacement or repair.
  • The basic design is user friendly to install and operate.
  • Application temperatures up to 660°F (350°C).
  • Standard warranty on all aluminum foil heaters and accessories.
  • No minimum order quantity is required.
  • No upfront tooling charge is incurred as these heaters are a stand-alone one-piece assembly.
  • No bracket is needed for mounting, as it uses adhesive for attachment for maximum surface contact.
  • Suitable applications in medical, food and beverages, automotive, lab equipment, small and large electrical appliances, and so on.


Aluminum foil heaters can be custom designed and made to meet customers’ special and unique requirements. Here are examples of our capabilities:

  • Along with pressure sensitive adhesives as the standard, the custom options include built-in thermostats for temperature control or protection, and or metal plate for additional fastening.
  • Various dimensions, ranging from 4ʺ to 60ʺ and thickness of around 0.02ʺ
  • Maximum wattage density up to 3 watts/in 2 with a tolerance between -10% and +5%.
  • Ingress Protection rating: IP5X or NEMA Types 3 or 4
  • 22 to 16 AWG power cords with fiberglass sleeving and exposed leads

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