How is Therm-X Prepared for the COVID-19 Impact?

How is Therm-X Prepared for the COVID-19 Impact?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has had the most devastating effect on humankind perhaps after World War II. This outbreak initially originated in China in December 2019. This disease has infected hundreds of thousands of people, thus claiming lives and stalling economies and businesses across the globe. Restriction of human movement is one of the important safety measures adopted by world governments. Every business and every human being have devised their own ways to overcome the devastating impact of COVID-19.

In the US, which happens to be one of the most affected countries in the world, the federal and state governments have directed “Stay at Home” orders restricting human movement. These orders allow essential businesses to conduct as usual, but with safety measures. Therm-x, which identifies itself as essential business, has been delivering advanced temperature and process control systems and fabrication services to its clients across essential service industries. This post offers insights on how COVID-19 has affected Therm-x and its clients, and the measures taken by the company to serve clients, without compromising on safety and quality.

A Focus on Essential Services that Therm-x Supports

Therm-x has been designing thermal solutions for its clients across industries like bio-pharmaceutical and life sciences, chemical and environmental conditioning, food and beverage, ovens, kilns and furnaces, petrochemical, plastics, and semiconductor for several years now. However, recently, it has been processing the maximum orders for its clients from the following essential services industries:

  • Semiconductor: The stay at home orders introduced in various states have challenged employers to build on remote working capabilities. With the increasing demand for data, there is a huge demand for semiconductors, which is now recognized as an essential service industry. As a result, it has been usual business for Therm-x, which has been delivering energy-efficient thermal heating and temperature control solutions to its clients in the semiconductor industry. These solutions are an integral part of processes such as deposition and etching, lithography and metrology, and so on. The company specifically provides cast-in heaters, custom wafer process heaters and heating elements, semiconductor heaters, semiconductor wafer vacuum heaters, wafer handling solutions, water heaters, and semiconductor chamber pedestal heaters, and so on.
  • Pharmaceutical: Therm-x has been supporting its clients in the pharmaceutical and life science industries by providing efficient temperature control solutions. As usual it has been delivering microbead thermocouples, style VT validation thermocouples, mineral insulated (MI) thermocouples, and custom thermocouples for use in sterilization devices, chemical processing equipment, bioprocess control devices, tissue engineering, and microfluidics.

Important Measures Taken by Therm-x to Overcome Challenges of COVID-19

Therm-x works with the goal of serving its clients above and beyond the normal. So, as a result, the company is operational and has been functioning with extra security measures. The company has instituted the work from home policy for non-technical employees. After a brief shutdown, it started its operations again with extensive safety measures. The company management has confirmed that it is closely monitoring the protocols established by WHO and OSHA and is encouraging employees to follow proper sanitation and hygiene measures. The following are a few measures taken by the company to ensure the safety of people and surroundings.

  • All technical employees reporting to work are encouraged to work in flexible timings to avoid crowding at the manufacturing facility and shipping areas.
  • They are encouraged to take temperature monitoring before entering their work areas.
  • All employees have been provided with masks, gloves, and other required PPE.
  • Their workstations are sanitized regularly to avoid the chances of infection.
  • There are sanitizers and liquid soaps kept at their work stations and common areas.
  • The employees are encouraged to minimize interactions and use phones or other non-interactive means of messaging.
  • There are open doors and directed pathways to minimize interactions on high-touch surfaces, and so on.

The management at Therm-x thinks that hardworking and talented people are its backbone and ensuring their safety is its priority. Although the COVID-19 has introduced new business and safety challenges, it has also brought a steady flow of opportunities. The team at the company is busy handling and responding to the new RFQs, and they are serving clients to meet their urgent requirements. The management has confirmed that it will continue to serve clients, with safety measures and specific solutions as the situation evolves.

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