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Thermal heating and temperature control are critical for the success of applications and processes in the semiconductor industry, and they also play a key role in ensuring their quality and productivity. Owing to a few recent trends, there has been an increasing demand for high-temperature control as well as uniform and fast thermal heating solutions in the semiconductor industry. At Therm-x, we specialize in the design of efficient thermal heating and temperature control solutions for the semiconductor industry. All our solutions are devised based on our understanding of semiconductor technologies and their complex requirements. Our innovative and customized solutions not only address specific challenges in the semiconductor industry but are also responsive to ongoing trends shaping the industry.


Our thermal heating and temperature control solutions are widely used for the following applications:

  • Deposition and Etching: Semiconductor wafers are widely used in the manufacturing of integrated circuits. They are distinguished by their intricate features such as small line spacing and small width between transistors. Similarly, photovoltaic cells or PV cells are devices that are designed to convert light energy into electric energy. There are several other semiconductor devices such as transistors, microprocessors, and memory devices, which are designed for specific purposes, and demand high accuracy in terms of performance. Thus, the processing of these devices demand accurate material deposition and etching. Material deposition is performed to create junctions and interconnections among different device components. Etching is performed to create line edges and photoresists on many of these devices. Thermal performance and temperature control are important to achieve the desired results during etching and material deposition. Our in-depth understanding of thermal solutions and temperature control challenges has helped us devise heating solutions with high thermal efficiencies. They are integrated with controllers and sensors, which enable deliver the right temperature to assure perfection and high yield. These heaters are designed to perform well in challenging CVD, PECVD, LPCVD, and ALD applications.
  • Lithography: The fabrication of an integrated circuit in the semiconductor industry is an extensive process, and it demands various physical and chemical processes. These processes are mainly organized into three categories— depositioning, etching or patterning, and doping. Lithography is a fundamental factor to all these processes. Lithography or photolithography is a process of formation of a three-dimensional image on the semiconductor substrate. This process is also referred to UV lithography and it uses light to transfer a particular pattern from a photomask onto the photosensitive photoresist on the semiconductor substrate. The process demands control of thermal expansion, which is efficiently provided by our integrated thermal solutions.
  • Metrology: Thin semiconductor wafer manufacturing is a complex process and involves lots of steps, which are performed for 1–2 months. If any defects occur at any step, then the entire process needs to be repeated from the beginning. Thus, metrology and inspection are positioned during all critical phases of semiconductor manufacturing to ensure accuracy. Nowadays, metrology and inspection are conducted using automated equipment with integrated process control mechanisms. These devices demand high precision and resolution to identify and analyze defects. During the process, the equipment undergo thermal expansion, which may have a damaging effect on thin wafers. This can be easily resolved using systems with controlled thermal expansion. We understand how to control the temperature and thermal expansion in these systems to ensure their operational efficiency.

Therm-x Manufactures the Following Semiconductor Products

Therm-x designs and manufactures a complete line of heating solutions for semiconductor processing applications. These heating solutions are utilized at various stages of wafer processing. All product designs are pioneered by our highly talented product development team. Our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities enable us to assure the fastest turnaround times on all the products mentioned here.

  • Cast in Heaters for Semiconductor Processing
  • Custom Wafer Process Heaters & Heating Elements
  • Semiconductor Heaters
  • Semiconductor Wafer Vacuum Heaters
  • Wafer & Gas Line Heaters
  • Wafer Handling Solutions
  • Water Heaters & Semiconductor Chamber Pedestal Heaters
  • Wafer Processing Heaters

Types of Thermal Heating and Temperature Control Solutions Offered by Therm-x

At Therm-x, we provide the following types of thermal heating and temperature control solutions:
  • Flexible Heaters:
    Therm-x's flexible heaters provide a high level of flexibility and accuracy needed for optimal thermal performance during various wafer processing applications.
  • MI Cable Heaters
    MI Cable Heaters:
    We provide mineral insulated cable (MI Cable) heaters, which can be easily configured to meet diverse semiconductor applications. Our Tempro MI heaters can be availed in various designs, sheath materials as well as alloys, and can be easily integrated with sensors for improved temperature control.
  • Cartridge heaters
    Cartridge Heaters:
    These fast response heaters assure uniform temperature, superior heat transfer, and can withstand high temperatures. We provide Firerod cartridge heaters which assure excellent performance in compact spaces.
  • Tubular Heaters
    Tubular Heaters:
    These heaters are suited for a wide range of immersion and air heating applications.
  • temperature sensors
    Temperature Sensors:
    Therm-x’s temperature sensors assure repeatability, accuracy, and stability required for wafer processing applications. Our RTDs and thermocouples assure excellent performance in complex environments.
  • Intergrated systems
    Integrated Temperature Controls:
    We provide integrated temperature control systems that assure precise temperature control and monitoring during various wafer processing applications.
  • Pedestal heaters
    Pedestals Heater:
    Therm-x manufactures brazed heater plates for the semiconductor industry. Use of multiple Mineral insulated heating elements allows for better uniformity and multi-zoning for applications where uniformity can’t be met with traditional single zone tubular heaters.


Our interest in technologies and trends have helped us immensely to meet complex client demands beyond their satisfaction. Over the years, we have built our capabilities, which has helped us become one of the leading manufacturers of thermal heating and temperature control systems for the semiconductor industry.

  • Electro Mechanical Assemblies: We can create mechanical and electrical assemblies to meet your application requirements.
  • Design and Testing: Our expertise and vast experience in 3D modeling and thermal imaging allows us create innovative models of heaters, sensors, and process controls applications. After the development, all products are subjected to life cycle testing in controlled vacuum chambers.
  • Machining: We have been providing advanced CNC machining services for several years now. All machining processes are performed at our well-equipped facility. This helps us assure quality products delivered on time.

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction, innovation, and quality. To achieve this, we have continue to invest in technologies, resources, and research and development. All our efforts to serve the clients beyond their expectations have helped us build a long list of happy and satisfied customers all these years.

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