Why Should You Consider Temperature Sensors from Therm-x ?

Why Should You Consider Temperature Sensors from Therm-x ?

Temperature sensors are one of the important temperature measurement devices used across various industries to maintain and manage the process temperatures. In the previous post, we have discussed the various types of temperature sensing devices provided by Therm-x for use in various industries. The post focuses on the advantages of ordering these devices from Therm-x and their application areas.

Benefits of Sourcing Your Temperature Sensors from Therm-x

Over the years, temperature sensors from Therm-x have gained immense popularity, owing to several benefits offered by them. Now, you may ask how they differ from other competitor products in the market. The following points will help you understand it better.

  • 1. Strict Adherence to Industry Standards: All products are designed in accordance with various industry standards.
    • a. Thermocouple products are designed to tolerances specified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). They conform to the International Temperature Scale of 1990.
    • b. RTD products provided by Therm-x conform to DIN EN 6075 standards.
    • c. Thermocouple wires conform to ASTM E230 standards
  • 2. Customization Capabilities: Today, it is easy to find temperature sensors in various standard configurations. Although they may work for others, they may not be suited for your process. Being a vertically-integrated company, Therm-x possesses advanced machining capabilities. All machining processes such as furnace brazing, machining, welding, and assembly are performed in-house. The company also provides calibration, testing, and cleanroom packaging services.
    • a. Therm-x allow customers to choose from its existing products and customize them with the help of the engineering team. Else, the team can manufacture a new product from scratch.
  • 3. Sensor Calibration Services: The Company provides sensor calibration services that adhere to the guidelines of ASTM.
  • 4. World-Class Customer Support: The Therm-x team assures world-class customer support. The team of experts possess a vast experience to their credit and they help customers to choose or build the right sensor for their applications.
  • 5. Quality Accessories: The temperature sensors are provided with accessories such as thermocouple wires with multiple insulators, thermowells, ceramic insulators, panel jacks, thermocouple miniature and standard connectors, alumina and mullite protection tubes, and so on.
  • 6. Fast Turnaround Times and Competitive Prices: Therm-x assures fast turnaround times and competitive prices on all its standard and customized OEM sensors. These features make it popular among all its clients.

Applications of Temperature Sensors Provided by Therm-x

Therm-x provides standard and customized temperature sensors to its clients across the following industries:

Do you need customized temperature sensors for your application? Therm-x can help you materialize your designs. You will be assigned a technical team and a program manager, who will guide you through the entire project from start to finish

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