Etched Foil Heaters

Etched Foil Heaters

Flexible heaters feature flexible and thin heating elements, which can be attached to various objects for achieving superior thermal efficiencies. Etched foil heaters are one of the important types of flexible heaters, which are designed for applications that demand superior thermal management and possess compact designs. At Therm-x, we specialize in etched foil flexible heaters, which are offered in standard and custom configurations to meet your application requirements. Made of rubber, these etched foil heaters are known for their excellent heat exchange properties as well as uniform heat distribution characteristics.

Beneficial Features of Etched Foil Heaters

Our etched foil heaters have become alternatives for wire heaters owing to distinct advantages offered by them. They are highly sought owing to the following features:

  • Etched foil heaters possess ultra-thin profiles with the overall thickness of .005ʺ when compared to wire heaters. This ultra-thin profile aids in heating small packages efficiently.
  • They possess high watt-densities, which ensure quicker thermal responses than wire heaters.
  • Unlike wire heaters, etched foil heaters are extremely flexible, and possess ultra-tight bend radius. This flexibility makes it easy for our thermal designers to fit them into tight spaces, as well as wrap them around complex shapes or tight corners.
  • Etched foil heaters assure excellent thermal uniformity at lower temperatures.
  • These heaters are produced from thinner materials such as silicone rubber and polyimide. Silicone rubber heaters can withstand maximum temperatures up to 450°F (232°C), and they are chemical and moisture resistant. However, polyimide heaters can withstand temperatures up to 392 °F (200°C), and they possess the highest and thinnest dielectric strength.
  • Thermal precision and thermal control assured by etched foil heaters is owing to the flat, yet large surface area of the etched element. The flat surface area offers uniform and more surface to transfer the thermal energy to the mating heat sink.


We can provide custom etched foil flexible heaters to meet your application requirements. These heaters can be availed in diverse configurations. The following are features of our customization solutions.

  • We can provide them in extreme thin profiles such as 5.5 mil (0.0055ʺ) and 10 mil (0.010ʺ).
  • The heaters can be availed in any cut and shape, with maximum sizes up to 22ʺ x 30ʺ (559mm x 762mm) and watt densities up to 15 watts/in2 (0.023 watts/mm2).
  • They are provided in the choice of outer materials – polyimide film and silicone rubber, with attachment options such as pressure-sensitive backing (PSA) or epoxies. Also, these heaters can be pre-attached to your object or plate being heated. We can also provide these heaters in other materials of your choice.
  • Our experts can integrate these etched foil flexible heaters with devices such as fuses, thermistors, or other electrical components, as per your requirement.
  • You can choose from zone heating options such as single zone, multi-zone, and dual-element.
  • They are also provided with temperature controlling devices to meet your application requirements.

Applications of Etched Foil Flexible Heaters

Etched foil heaters are ideal for heating the following:

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