Why is Therm-X the Best Choice for CNC Machining for the Semiconductor Industry?

Why is Therm-X the Best Choice for CNC Machining for the Semiconductor Industry?

The semiconductor industry is one of the most demanding industries when it comes to machining, thermal efficiencies, and temperature control. All these factors may seem interconnected and only achievable when precision is assured. Like any other industry, the semiconductor industry also depends on precision designed devices and equipment for achieving better temperature control and thermal efficiencies. To materialize this, the players in this industry always prefer partnering with reliable CNC machining services like Therm-x. The company has been providing precision machining services for critical semiconductor components for several years now. This post introduces you CNC machining capabilities of Therm-x for the semiconductor industry.

Features of Therm-x CNC Machining Services for the Semiconductor Industry

Over the years, Therm-x has built a long list of happy and satisfied customers in semiconductor industry through its products and machining services.

  • A Well-Equipped Facility: All CNC machining for the semiconductor industry is performed at Therm-x’s well-equipped facility at Hayward, CA. The facility is equipped with various CNC machining devices such as CNC vertical and horizontal milling centers, robotic laser cutting, CNC turning centers, and so on. These equipment help speed up the process times and accuracy during sheet metal cutting, laser cutting, and other such processes.

  • Types of Semiconductor Products Machined: Therm-x has been regularly machining thermal and temperature control solutions for use in devices such as cast heaters for use in semiconductor processing, wafer and gas line heaters, semiconductor heaters, semiconductor wafer vacuum heaters, wafer & gas line heaters, wafer handling solutions, and so on. The CNC machining for the following heaters and temperature control solutions is regularly performed at the Therm-x facility.
    • MI Cable Heaters: These are mineral insulated cable (MI) heaters used in various semiconductor applications. Therm-x provides MI cable heaters in different sheath materials, designs, and alloys to meet custom specifications of industrial users.
    • Flexible Heaters: As the name suggests, these heaters provide a high level of flexibility which is necessary for optimizing the thermal performance of wafer processing in the semiconductor industry. The company provides flexible heaters in various custom specifications, owing to its advanced CNC machining capabilities.
    • Tubular Heaters:They are widely used in various air heating and immersion applications.
    • Cartridge Heaters: The company provides offers both – its own cartridge heaters and products from brands such as BriskHeat, Convectronics, Newport Electronics, and so on.
    • Pedestal Heaters: Therm-x offers CNC machining for brazed heater plates used in the semiconductor industry. The company uses various types of MI heating elements for achieving heat uniformity.

  • Types of Semiconductor Materials Machined: Therm-x is capable of machining a wide range of semiconductor materials such as CVD silicon carbide, alumina, sapphire, aluminum nitride, silicon, silicon nitride, Yttria, and so on.

Technology investments coupled with experience and in-depth understanding of requirements in the semiconductor industry enable the experts at the company to handle various production types from prototype to higher process yields effortlessly. All these features have made Therm-x the leading choice for CNC machining services such as CNC metal punching and CNC laser cutting in the semiconductor industry. The experts at the company will work with you to understand your product requirements before suggesting you the right solution.

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